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Release Day: Going from Design to Finished Theme

We're super excited to release a new series this week, which has been a highly requested one on our suggestion list: PSD to Drupal Theme. This series walks you through the process of converting a static design into a Drupal theme. We'll be covering strategies for breaking down your design into Drupal pieces, extracting your design assets, and working with those components in your CSS. Along the way you're going to also be introduced to grid frameworks, Sass, and other very helpful general web development tools. At the end you will have a theme that you can install and enable on your Drupal site. Having a little bit of Drupal site building experience, and a little bit of Web experience (HTML and CSS) will be helpful but it's not required, so if you find the world of Drupal themes mysterious, this is a great series to clear the fog.

Podcast Episode 22: Decoupling Drupal

In the latest episode of the Drupalize.Me podcast, #22 Decoupling Drupal, we chat about what it looks like to separate Drupal's content management from the display of the content, by bypassing the Drupal theme system entirely.

Take Your Design to Theme at Drupalcon Portland

Recently Drupalize.Me announced that I had joined the Drupalize.Me team. (So exciting!) I'm bringing with me my catalog of training curriculum, including my flagship course, PSD to Theme. The next opportunity for you to take this course is at DrupalCon Portland. This is a full-day course that has sold out every time it's been offered.

Broken Feeds and Spaces in Your Code

If you receive our newsletter, you may have noticed that you recently got a HUGE list of posts we've written recently. Well, except that they weren't all really that recent — some of those we two months old, and every week in between. Our regular newsletter is sent out automatically based on our RSS feed, and it turns out that our RSS feed was broken. Once we tracked it all down and got it fixed, all of the posts that had never gotten queued up for the newsletter shot out in one big go. Sorry about that. Aside from the crazy long newsletter though, I thought I'd share how I got this sorted out, because this is the kind of problem that can happen to anyone, and it is really annoying to track down.

New Series: Theming Basics in Drupal 7

We've just finished posting a new video series introducing you to Drupal Theming in Drupal 7. "Theming" describes the process of customizing the look and feel of your Drupal site, which involves working with Drupal's templating system at the basic level, and writing customized theming functions in PHP at the more advanced level.