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How to Contribute to Translations in Drupal Projects

Let’s take a brief look at how translation contributions work in Drupal. This written tutorial is based on the free video, Translation in Drupal.

Podcast Episode #29: Translation Management

We're happy to give you Episode 29 of the Drupalize.Me podcast, with Christophe Galli and Miro Dietiker, to talk about Translation Management. This is a great project, available as a module on, that works with various multilingual modules to help you keep your site translation organized. There are a lot of moving pieces in a multilingual site, and these guys have been up to their elbows with it for a long time.

Crowd-Sourced Subtitles for Free Drupal Videos

Over here at Drupalize.Me we have been working on transcribing and translating our videos for a few months now. We've also had a number of people step up to help us out with them, and we now have translations beginning to appear. So far, we have Chinese, Croatian, Estonian, Persian, and Spanish versions of a few of our videos.

Junebug Brings Interactive Transcripts

Our latest launch, the Junebug sprint, brings us some changes and enhancements to the closed-captioning we introduced last month. We now have interactive transcripts and the ability to display translations. We also made a little interface tweak for our closed-captioning.

Interactive transcripts

New Closed-Captioning Feature Enhances Learning Comprehension

We're very excited to announce that we now have closed-captioning enabled on our videos. In addition to the help it provides for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, many learners find that they understand new concepts better if they can read what the instructor is saying, as well as hear it. This is especially true for those for whom English is not their native language. This is something we've been wanting to do for a long time, and our subscribers have asked for it, so we're happy to be able to provide it.