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Release Day: Our Drupal 8 Theming Guide

Today, we're super excited to publish our Drupal 8 Theming guide, a collection of tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know to create amazing Drupal 8 themes. We've put hundreds of hours into researching, digesting and understanding the Drupal 8 theme system. We've poured over the existing documentation and helped to update it whenever we could. We've read the code that makes it all possible, we've dissected core and contributed themes, and talked with front-end developers at Lullabot about their experiences, in order to learn about best practices and unique challenges. And then we boiled it all down into the ultimate Drupal 8 theming guide.

Release Day: More Twig Tutorials

This week, Leanna Pelham of KnpUniversity continues to show you how to become a Twig expert by demonstrating Twig goodies such as template inheritance, functions, tests, for and if syntax, debugging techniques, macros, and other advanced tips and tricks. Each lesson is a bite sized tutorial and includes downloadable site code that will get you up and running with Twig without getting overwhelmed.

Release Day: Kicking Off Twig and Wrapping Up Using Drupal

This week we have a ton of new tutorials for you to enjoy. We're very happy to bring back our friends from KnpUniversity to provide a great little series on the Twig templating system, and we're also wrapping up the entire O'Reilly Using Drupal book series with the final tutorials.

Twig Filters: Modifying Variables in Drupal 8 Template Files

Something that's super fun about my job is that occasionally I get tasked with things like, "Learn how Twig works so you can tell us how it fits into our curriculum plans.". And I get to spend some time exploring various new features in Drupal 8, with an eye towards being able help explain them.

Drupalize.Me Podcast 2 with Jen Lampton

We're happy to present episode 2 of the Drupalize.Me podcast. In this podcast, Addi interviews Jen Lampton, who is a long-time Drupal contributor.