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Episode 25: Workflow, Uh, What Is It Good For...

In Episode 25 of the Drupalize.Me Podcast, Kyle Hofmeyer takes time to gather some Lullabots to discuss "developer workflow".

New Series: Introduction to Git

This week we're kicking off a new series, Introduction to Git, that will teach you to use the Git distributed version control system (DVCS) for source code management (SCM). Git is the version control system used for Drupal core and contributed module development, as well as projects like the Linux kernel, Ruby on Rails, Android, and many, many others. This is an in-depth series that starts with the basics of version control, establishes some terminology, and a base line workflow, then continues to build on that by going beyond the basics of the various Git commands to make the most out of your tools.

Git with It: an Introduction to Version Control with Git Workshop

We're excited to share and invite you to our upcoming workshop: Git With It, an introduction to Git at MinneWebCon on April 16th. MinneWebCon is a 2-day, grassroots, knowledge-sharing conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that unites web lovers from every industry.

New Series: Deploying Your Code with Beanstalk

This week I am continuing the trend of mini-series with some lessons on deploying your code, in the FREE Deploying Your Code Without a Terminal series. The reason behind this quick set of videos is that not everyone is command line savvy, and not everyone has to be. What is important though, is getting your code into version control, and there are plenty of tools that let you do that using a graphical interface.