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Release Day: Extend Views with Bulk Operations and Entity Attachments

This week we keep rolling out handy modules that everyone should know about, with a look at two very popular modules for extending the Views module. The first, Entity Views Attachment (EVA), lets you attach any of your views to various entities on your site, like nodes or users. This is handy when you want to display a view as part of another entity on your site, instead of displaying it on its own URL.

Release Day: Coding for Views and a Free Menu Lesson

This week we are finally finishing up our Coding for Views series with the last two lessons, which lagged a bit for us. We're happy to round things out by providing another example of writing a Views handler which creates a Views area handler, and with a look at theming Views. In addition to wrapping up that series, we also have a free video that looks at working with secondary menus. While this lesson is using Drupal 6, the concepts and processes used are exactly the same in Drupal 7, and is still applicable there.

Release Day: Writing Views Handlers and Panels Variants

This week we're happy to continue two series for you. Coding for Views series continues to dive into fields and handlers, while the FREE Building Websites Using Panels series looks at using variants.

Coding for Views

Release Day: Views Integration in Your Module

Today we're happy to start our dive into the Coding for Views series. Last week we kicked off the series by getting things all set up on our demo site and covering the resources we have available. This week we create a simple module that uses the Views API to export our site's view and store it in code in our module as a default view. With that basic understanding in place, we take a look at an existing module, our Databasics module, that we would like to integrate with Views, so we can dive even deeper in next weeks videos.

New Series: Coding for Views

Views is without a doubt the most popular module on, and one of the reasons for it’s popularity is the plethora of modules that enhance the out of the box views experience. These modules add new display options like a calendar or Javascript caoursel, new formatters for existing fields, and even new backends so you can query things other than MySQL. Like Drupal itself views is written to be extended and it’s not uncommon to need to do just that in order to meet your site specific requirements.

Views Demystified

I love Views! I might be a little exuberant, but seriously, it is by far, in my humble opinion, the best contributed module. And I'm not the only one that feels that way! Check out the module usage stats on As the most-downloaded contributed module, Views gets a lot of well-deserved attention. We've published a new series of videos, Intro to Views for Drupal 7, to walk you through this wonderful Drupal tool.