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Using Tail to Debug Drupal Sites

Tail is command for Unix and Unix-like systems (like OS X) that allows you to take a peek at the contents of the end of a file. From the manual page: "tail - output the last part of files." Tail can be really useful for debugging purposes, or for taking a look at the recent access_logs from your Drupal setup. Tail can be particularly useful in a production environment when you may not have PHP error reporting enabled, and need to find the cause of serious errors with your Drupal site.

Release Day: Finishing Domain Access and a Bonus Tail Command

This week we're wrapping up our Introduction to Domain Access for Drupal 7 series and adding a handy tutorial to our existing free Command Line Basics series.

Release Day: Free Videos for Command Line and Ooyala

Today's release day is a mixture of free videos! We have two new videos to add to our Command Line Basics Series, covering Bash aliases and working with MySQL. In addition to those lessons, we are also releasing a short four-video series about Using the Ooyala module with Drupal. Ooyala is a paid video delivery service, which manages your videos and handles video delivery to your site.

Introduction to Drush

Experienced developers, and new site builders alike can remember a time when installing a module meant visiting it's project page on, downloading and unpacking it and dropping it in the correct directory. That process can be quite tedious every time there's an update if your site has dozens of modules. Thank goodness for drush. While drush's utility certainly isn't limited to helping download modules for your site in an efficient manner, it's an absolutely invaluable tool for anyone working with Drupal sites on a regular basis. We're happy to present a new series, Introduction to Drush, with the first video, What is Drush?, released today.

The Command Line Basics Series

In the last few weeks you may have noticed we've been releasing a series of free videos about using the command line: Command Line Basics. There are a total of 12 videos in the series, each only between 6 to 15 minutes long, and we'll be continuing to release them over the coming weeks until we get them all out there. The entire series will be free.