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Supporting Diversity through Discover Drupal

The Drupal Association launched a new program this year that aims to provide education and mentoring for underrepresented folks, called Discover Drupal. The program's goal is to prepare the selected student participants for full-time Drupal jobs, and we're happy to be a part of this program.

In the Community: Migrate, Documentation and Events

So far, 2016 has been a great year for Drupal and Drupalize.Me. We started off as our own company, and we’ve been heads-down on lots of new Drupal 8 tutorials. We have a deep love for Drupal and the community around here—so in addition to working hard at our business, we encourage each other to roll up our sleeves in the wider community as well. Here’s a little rundown of what’s been on our team’s radar recently.

Podcast Episode 52: Drupal Community Leadership

Our latest podcast, Episode 52: Drupal Community Leadership, has Addi joined by Larry Garfield (Crell), Greg Dunlap (heyrocker), and Gábor Hojsty (Gábor Hojsty); three people who have been publicly involved in recent conversations about community leadership problems and potential solutions. They sat down to hash out where the conversation comes from, the current challenges they see us facing, and their thoughts and ideas for how to approach them.

Questionnaire Confirms: Designers Aren't Clear How To Help Drupal 8

As mentioned in my previous blog post "Catching the Community Train" Lisa, Bojhan and myself will be working on a website to better facilitate the process of designers contributing to Drupal. Following my last blog post we sent out a questionnaire to current and previous contributors in order to gain some valuable insights that will help us move forward. In this blog post I will analyze the answers we received and share what they mean to me and how they will be instrumental in our success of helping designers more easily get involved in Drupal.

Dive Into Drupal 8 with the Help of Core Contribution Mentors

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been meaning to get involved with Drupal 8 for quite some time now. But where to start? What’s left to be done? How do I find tasks that match my skills? Enter Core contribution mentoring.

Contributing Time to Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is coming in 2014. There is a lot of work to do and a lot to learn. We've decided to dedicate a minimum of five hours per week towards Drupal 8 for each person on the Drupalize.Me team. We are now a hefty group of eight people, and everyone will be diving in for a total of 40 hours per week dedicated to Drupal 8. (At least until Drupal 8 launches, and hopefully even beyond that.) Everyone is picking their own projects and ways to get involved. We just started dedicating this time in December, and folks have been spending time sorting out where things are and where to jump in. We're excited about what the new year will bring once we really get rollling. So far, we've been testing the waters with the Core Mentoring Office Hours, some Drupal Ladder work, and just installing and learning where Drupal 8 is right now. We're also lining up training initiatives, UX work, and documentation.


Podcast Episode 27: Drupalcon Prague Recap

The entire Drupalize.Me team went to Prague, along with a number of other Lullabots, for DrupalCon Prague. In our latest podcast episode a few of us share what it was like, and the excitement and energy of new things on the horizon.

Podcast Episode 24: Coderdojo and Drupal

In Episode 24 of the Drupalize.Me podcast, Addi is joined by Bill Liao, co-founder of CoderDojo, and Drupalers and CoderDojo volunteers Heather James (heather) and Mike King (emkay).

Podcast Episode 23: Alex Pott and Working on Drupal Core

In this week's episode Addi gets to chat with Alex Pott, who is one of the few people who can commit code directly to Drupal core.

Community Tools Curriculum (and a Dreditor Video)

On the eve of DrupalCon Portland, we're happy to be able to get another free community video out, Installing and Using Dreditor. What's more exciting though, is that this video is part of our Community Tools workshop, and in an effort to spread Drupal community involvement further than where we can show up to run this free workshop, we're putting all of our materials and notes online for everyone to use freely, with the Community Tools curriculum.

A Workshop is Born

Release Day: Free Community Videos to Kickstart Your Year

Happy New Year! We're kicking off 2013 with some FREE videos to get people up and running with our Drupal community tools. There are a lot of aspects of the Drupal community that many people take for granted. Even something as "simple" as figuring our what community websites are out there, and how to use them, is often overlooked when talking to people new to Drupal. So, if you want to really dive into this Drupal thing in 2013, here is a gentle orientation to help get you started.

Drupalcon Munich Recap

DrupalCon Munich 2012 was a blast! The whole Drupalize.Me team (myself, Joe, and Kyle) went over to Germany and soaked up the Drupal goodness. I had a very busy con, and want to share some of the great things that came out of it. (I'll try to be brief, but wow there was a lot of good stuff just in my little corner of the con!)