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Release Day: Custom Drupal-to-Drupal Migrations

This week we're adding five new tutorials to our Drupal 8 Migration Guide that walk through the process of creating a custom Drupal-to-Drupal migration, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of the migration from a previous version of Drupal into Drupal 8.

Release Day: Drupal 8 Migration Guide Additions

Today we're adding six more tutorials to our Drupal 8 Migration Guide. With a focus on understanding source, process, and destination plugins. Critical information for anyone planning to write a custom migration or wanting to use the Migrate API with a non-Drupal source.

Release Day: Migrate Module Orientation

This week, we are continuing our Importing Data With Migrate and Drupal 7 series, by getting oriented with the Migrate module. We take a look at two different ways of working with our migrations, through the UI and by using drush. Then we open up the Migrate example module to get an overview about what files are needed, and the main pieces of code used, to create a migration. This sets us up with a foundation to begin writing our own custom migration next week.

Our Approach to Data Migration for the Upgrade

In this post I'm going to give a little bit of insight in to how we are planning (and currently attempting) to migrate all the data from our current Drupal 6 site to our new Drupal 7 site using a couple of handy tools like Jenkins CI, bash shell, drush and the migrate module.