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New and Updated Tutorials on Deploying Configuration

We've updated our Configuration Management series with new tutorials on deployment workflows as well as updated tutorials on managing and inspecting configuration with Drush (now with Drush 9 commands). We've also done some re-arranging and moved our tutorials about using Drupal's Configuration API in a module to a new series, Configuration Entities. Finally, we've added a new tutorial on setting up and using Drush Site Aliases, since this is a prerequisite for completing the new tutorial Live vs. Local Configuration Management. Happy configuration managing!

Features Should Be in Your Drupal Toolkit

It's been a really long time since I've worked on a Drupal build that didn't make use of the features module in some way or another. For better or worse it's turned into one of those modules like Views that's simply a part of the expected toolkit for many projects. Yet I still occasionally meet people who haven't heard of it yet.

New Series: Deploying Your Code with Beanstalk

This week I am continuing the trend of mini-series with some lessons on deploying your code, in the FREE Deploying Your Code Without a Terminal series. The reason behind this quick set of videos is that not everyone is command line savvy, and not everyone has to be. What is important though, is getting your code into version control, and there are plenty of tools that let you do that using a graphical interface.

Do It with Drupal Sessions: Magic Mojo

We'll leave it up to you to decide what "Magic Mojo" means, but we interpret it as a series of Do It With Drupal sessions that provide practical advice on tools and techniques to make your sites work better and faster -- like magic!