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Release Day: Send Email Using MailChimp with Drupal 7

This week we'll be continuing our Using MailChimp with Drupal 7 series. And like last week, all the tutorials are free. Last week we looked at creating, and collecting contacts for, a MailChimp mailing list. This week we'll look at all the different ways we can send email to our lists.

Illustration Made Simple with Shapes

Whether you are a designer, or haven't doodled anything since you were bored in study hall, have you ever wondered what it takes to successfully illustrate something fun and compelling? After all, illustrations and graphics can be powerful visual tools used to enhance our content. Luckily, the answer is quite simple: all you need is creative problem solving, basic shapes, and a few tricks up your sleeve.

Podcast Episode 62: Distributed Design

Design work is a lot of show-and-tell. It can be challenging to effectively communicate and collaborate on a distributed team. Join hostess Amber Matz, Lullabot Creative Director Jared Ponchot, Lullabot UX Designer Jen Witkowski, and Justin Harrell, Interactive Designer for Drupalize.Me, as they talk about the unique challenges, processes, and tools they use as part of a distributed team.

The Creative Process is Scary and That's Ok

Staring at a blank screen, notebook, or any other space flooded with emptiness can conjure feelings of worry, confusion, and definitely fear. Yet this is a ritual anyone who considers themselves a creative willingly puts themselves through on a regular basis. Some may dread these less than pleasant feelings, but I am sure there are also many who embrace them, and I am one of them. Full disclosure, creating something is a scary process for me, and that's ok. From beginning to final product there are plenty of uncomfortable moments that I find extremely beneficial and rewarding to a successful creative process. Hopefully after I share how these often referred to as negative emotions are helpful, you, too, will see how essential they are to your creative process, and why they should be embraced and not avoided.

Free Halloween Icon Set

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it might be fun to hand out some tasty treats. Don't worry, you're not getting fruit or pennies. It's something much more fun! I designed a custom Halloween icon set, which is free to download and use however you want. With Drupalize.Me's scary good Drupal training, it's fitting that these icons can spook, sweeten, or surprise your next project.

Drupalize.Me Free Icon Package

Are you finding yourself searching for some new icons to use on your latest project? Drupalize.Me loves helping out the Drupal community, and people in general, so for this post I thought it would be fitting to provide you with a carefully designed free icon set.

How I Illustrated the Magic Drupal Eight Ball, A Video Tutorial

I thought that for my newest blog post I would try something different, and something I have been asked to do in the past, a video tutorial of a Drupal 8 inspired illustration. I realize this is different from most of our Drupal 8 blog posts, and might not be for everyone, but I do hope you enjoy it.

Even if you are not an illustrator I am confident that the techniques I cover can be done by anyone and will be fairly easy to follow. As our interactive designer I love to work in illustration, as I am sure you have noticed. It can give a site and brand a personality and enrich the user experience of a site. Regardless of skill or background, you, too, can begin utilizing simple illustrations in your website by learning the simple techniques I overview in this tutorial.

If nothing else, at least at the end of the tutorial you can have something we all wish we had: a Magic Drupal Eight Ball that predicted the future for us...

Questionnaire Confirms: Designers Aren't Clear How To Help Drupal 8

As mentioned in my previous blog post "Catching the Community Train" Lisa, Bojhan and myself will be working on a website to better facilitate the process of designers contributing to Drupal. Following my last blog post we sent out a questionnaire to current and previous contributors in order to gain some valuable insights that will help us move forward. In this blog post I will analyze the answers we received and share what they mean to me and how they will be instrumental in our success of helping designers more easily get involved in Drupal.

Giving Drupalize.Me a New Coat of Paint

As some of you may know, we're in the process of upgrading the cuddly panda that we all know and love as Drupalize.Me to Drupal 7. There will be other blog posts giving a better insight into the actual upgrade but, I'll be talking about what that means for the design of the site.