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Tutorial: Vagrant Drupal 8 Development

Vagrant Drupal Development (VDD) is a ready-to-use development environment using a virtual machine. Why use it? It provides a standard hosting setup, contained in a virtual machine, for developing with Drupal. This allows you to get up and running really, really quickly, without knowing anything about server administration.

Release Day: Drupal 7 Testing Wrap-Up With AJAX SimpleTest & Unit Tests

This week we're going to wrap things up in our testing Drupal 7 with SimpleTest series. And it's a doozy. We'll cover, submitting AJAX forms, uploading files, writing unit tests, and the SimpleTest 7.x-2.x contributed module.

Release Day: Forms, Permissions, and More Testing Drupal 7 with SimpleTest

Continuing on the knowledge that we learned last week, this week's release includes more tutorials in the testing Drupal 7 with SimpleTest series. This week covers, writing your first test, different types of assertions, navigation with the SimpleTest browser, and user authentication.

Release Day: Getting Started With Testing Drupal 7 With SimpleTest

Today we kick off a new series on writing tests for Drupal 7 using the SimpleTest framework included with Drupal core. This week introduces the concept of testing, some terminology specific to the SimpleTest framework, and walks through locating and running existing tests.

Our Favorite HTML and CSS Resources

You want to learn HTML and CSS, or maybe you just need a refresher on the current state of web technology—where should you start? This is a question we get asked a lot at Drupalize.Me. Our theming and module development videos often assume that you're familiar with basic HTML and CSS, so here is a list of our favorite resources.

Careful With That Debug Syntax

A funny thing happened last week. On Wednesday, we performed our weekly code deployment and released a handful of new features/bug fixes to the site. And then, about an hour later, someone on the team found this:

Setting up Your Developer Environment

In my new position at Drupalize.Me I have the luxury of helping a lot of projects in little ways. Being able to context switch quickly helps a lot. This means I've put a lot of time into how my workstation is setup so that I can easily move from one project to another. With the new job I also decided to add OSX to the mix of computers that I use on a daily basis.