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Cleaning Up Database Tables to Speed Up Development Cycles

An example of how we're making working on the Drupalize.Me site a bit more pleasant by adding some database sanitation scripts into our CI/CD workflow.

Run Integration Tests with Tugboat and GitHub Actions

Joe tries to figure out how to run the Drupalize.Me integration tests using and GitHub Actions.

Attend Our Introduction to Drupal Training at Drupalcamp London

Want to get started with Drupal? Join us on the first day of DrupalCamp London for an Introduction to Drupal course. Led by the accomplished Drupalize.Me team, this full-day training will cover Drupal history, terminology, simple site building and how to navigate the Drupal community.

Kickstart Your Drupal Education

  • Discover Drupal history and get an overview of what’s next
  • Learn basic Drupal terminology

Naming Things Is Hard

There is a famous quote which says:

"There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things."

Drupal is no different. The secret sauce behind Drupal's powerful hook system is a simple naming convention and it all starts with naming your module. Choosing the right name for your module is important, as is understanding a couple of potential pitfalls you may encounter down the road. Some of which are obvious and some of which can sneak up on you.