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Drupal 8: New Multilingual Features

Last week I was in Dublin for Drupal Dev Days. While my main activity was conducting a Community Tools workshop on the Friday of the camp, I was there the whole week, while an intrepid team of people have been meeting up at the venue in the final sprint to the Drupal code freeze, which was on Monday, July 1st! (Holy cow!) One of the groups who has been plowing ahead at full steam is the Multilingual team. I even got to help out with some wording in one of the issues someone was working on.

Learning by Trial and Error - Installing and Touring Drupal 8

A month or so ago the Drupalize.Me team started a discussion on how to start helping others learn Drupal 8. We knew Drupal 8 wasn't ready for our typical curriculum and video production process, but thought you would be interested to learn along with us about Drupal 8 as it continues to evolve. This blog post is the kick off to that series. As we stated in a recent podcast where we announced this idea, we need everyone to understand that the things we discuss are still in development and could change, or even be removed from D8 altogether.

Podcast Episode 18: The Mysterious Drupal Entity

This Friday's podcast, The Mysterious Drupal Entity has Kyle, Joe, and Blake joined by Greg Dunlap to talk about Drupal entities. What are they? Why do we have them? What do they look like in Drupal 8? We look at it from both the developer and site builder sides to try and get a grip on a topic that leaves a lot of people scratching their heads.

Drupalize.Me Podcast 2 with Jen Lampton

We're happy to present episode 2 of the Drupalize.Me podcast. In this podcast, Addi interviews Jen Lampton, who is a long-time Drupal contributor.