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Drupal Events in July

We've partnered up with several July events as sponsors and to give away free Drupalize.Me memberships. Here is a list of upcoming events that we're excited to be involved with.

Drupal Dev Days Is in Spain

Drupal Dev Days has been a recurring event since 2010, when it got started in Munich. Since then it has changed location within Europe every year. This year it is being hosted in Seville, Spain from March 21-25. Dev Days is a special event, and I have my own very fond memories from previous years.

DrupalDay Roma, a Hackathon, and Free Memberships

Drupal events are happening all over the world, with people doing amazing things. Since events are so important to the success of our community, we like to support and highlight those making the magic happen. The Italian Drupal community is going to have a great mix of different Drupal activities at their DrupalDay Roma on March 3rd and 4th. We're happy to be a sponsor for the event and to be giving away some free Drupalize.Me memberships as well.

We're Going to MidCamp - Join Us and Learn About Drupal Theming

We always love the opportunity to participate at in-person Drupal events, hang out with old friends, make new ones, and just in general share our enthusiasm for Drupal with others. That's why we're headed to MidCamp 2017 in Chicago March 30th - April 2nd, where we'll be offering our Drupal 8 Theming workshop, attending the camp, and participating in the sprints.

Why Is Learning Drupal Hard?

When it comes to learning Drupal I have a theory that there's an inverse relationship between the scope of knowledge that you need to understand during each phase of the learning process, and the density of available resources that can teach it to you. Accepting this, and understanding how to get through the dip, is an important part of learning Drupal.

Drupalize.Me Podcast Episode 39

If you are looking for good community event ideas, or just want to understand some of what goes into planning an event, check out this week's Drupalize.Me podcast onĀ The Story of the TCD'OH Drupal Unconference. Addi and Joe Shindelar hop on the line with Barry Madore and Tim Erikson to discuss why they did an unconference, and how they pulled it off. As a hint, it is less work than a DrupalCamp, but still requires a little thought about how to structure the unstructured day.

Drupalcamp Twin Cities

Live in the Midwest and like Drupal? So do we! Or at least some of our team. And as such we'll be attending the annual Twin Cities DrupalCamp in force this year.

See You at Drupalcamp Austin

We're pleased as punch to be sponsoring DrupalCamp Austin in Austin, Texas from June 21st through 23rd. This year's camp is packed, with one day of all-day workshops, several half-day workshops, three tracks of sessions over two days, and two keynotes.

Come Meet Us at Badcamp

The Drupalize.Me team loves to attend Drupal events, and we're stoked to be going to BADcamp in Berkeley, California next week, along with a whole group of Lullabots. BADcamp is, by far, the largest free Drupal event, clocking in with over 1500 attendees this year. It remains a free event due to strong sponsorship, and Drupalize.Me is proud to be a Contributing Sponsor this year.