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Two Essential Workshops at Drupalcon Portland

Once again, our team will be at DrupalCon, this time in lovely Portland, and providing workshops on the day before the conference officially kicks off (Monday, May 20th). We're happy to say that we will be involved with two different workshops: Plan, Build, Launch: Real-World Drupal and the Performance and Scalability Dream Team.

Drupalcon Munich Recap

DrupalCon Munich 2012 was a blast! The whole Drupalize.Me team (myself, Joe, and Kyle) went over to Germany and soaked up the Drupal goodness. I had a very busy con, and want to share some of the great things that came out of it. (I'll try to be brief, but wow there was a lot of good stuff just in my little corner of the con!)

Drupalcon Munich and Community Love

The Drupalize.Me team is excited to be going to Germany in just two weeks, for DrupalCon Munich. DrupalCon is always an amazing event with thousands of Drupalers sharing ideas, having fun, and helping to make Drupal even better, both as software and as a community. For our part, we will be involved in several sessions, as well as doing everything we can to make the sprint day successful by providing free training on community tools. What is a "sprint day" you ask? Well let me explain what's going on and why we're so excited.

A Plan for Helping New Drupal Contributors

The whole Drupalize.Me team was at DrupalCon this past week, and we certainly had a blast! I spent most of my time chatting with people, and handing out our sparkly pony stickers, so I didn't get to see many sessions. One session that I did go to, though, was the Boston Initiative presentation about the Drupal contribution ladder (Learn Drupal), along with one of their BoFs.

Drupalize.Me Live from Denver, Colorado

This is what happens when you take the Drupalize.Me team and tell them that they need to run the sponsor booth during DrupalCon Denver. We started thinking about what we could do at the booth, things like rig up a TV so that people can watch Drupalize.Me videos played via our Roku app, and maybe an iPad or two so that we can show off the mobile capabilities... and wait just a moment. What if we get a big cardboard box and cut a TV out of it and just re-enact videos? It'll be hilarious! And thus Drupalize.Me Live was born.