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Drupalize.Me on Your TV

One thing people like to do with online learning is work and watch at the same time. Members have let us know that they want to be able to watch our videos on their TVs while using their computers to work along with the trainer. Luckily Drupalize.Me has several options to make this happen.

Recording Podcasts: Creating The Skype-O-Saurus

The Drupalize.Me podcast (formerly the Lullabot podcast) has been running for many years now. During this time, not much has changed as far as what makes the podcast itself. There is theme music, a host, guests, event updates, and now even sound effects. Even when it comes to how we record a podcast, not much is different in either the method or the technology. What can make or break a podcast, though, is the quality of the sound. I'm not talking about if the podcast is HD or anything, but what the overall quality of a person's voice is, the ability to reduce or eliminate background distractions, or even just being able to create a good mix of volumes. All these things are great to be able to have some control over and edit before putting the podcast out to the masses.

Drupalize.Me Update: March 2015

As Drupal 8 approaches, our team has been growing and really pushing ourselves. Over the past few weeks, we released some impressive tutorials and site updates. Here's an overview.

Drupalize.Me: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Last year was big for Drupalize.Me. We made a lot of changes to our website, and we increased the number of video tutorials we publish each week. In December 2014, our team met in Atlanta to celebrate these successes and outline a few high-level goals for 2015. The big goal to share is that we want to communicate with you more! We want to hear your suggestions for improvements, and we want to know you as individuals. We look forward to meeting and chatting with you at events like DrupalCon, but we also want to open new channels of communication. We have lots of ideas for this, and we're excited to get started.

January Content Update

Happy 2015, members! We’re welcoming this new year with new Drupal tutorials. Here’s what you can expect over the next few weeks.