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Release Day: Time to learn Drush!

Drush (the Drupal Shell) is a command line interface for Drupal. It provides all sorts of commands for assisting in Drupal development, automating workflows and in general making it easier to script various parts of the Drupal workflow. Learning to use Drush and the commands that come with Drush core will help both site administrators and developers speed up their day-to-day Drupal work. It really is a handy tool for everyone, not just developers. We've just published a whole new series of tutorials on Drush, representing a huge effort to bring our Drush content up-to-date.

Tutorials updated for Drupal 8.6 and Drush 9

We've updated our tutorials for Drupal 8.6 and Drush 9!

New Multisite Series plus Installing Drush with Composer

This week, we're kicking off a new series, Working with Drupal Multisite. We're also releasing a new video in our Drush series, Installing Drush with Composer.

Podcast Episode 56: Drush and Composer

This week's podcast, episode 56, has Greg Anderson and Juampy Novillo Requena join Addison Berry to discuss Drush and the PHP dependency manager, Composer. We talk about what Drush and Composer are, why and how Drush is using Composer now, as well as a look down the road at further integration.

Upgrading Drush to work with Drupal 8-dev

When I first started learning Drupal, I remember the process of enabling and disabling modules on the Modules page took for-ev-er. My laptop was in serious danger of getting hurled across the room, due to my frustration. Then I discovered drush, and downloading and enabling modules was now performed with ease instead of pain and suffering. Of course there's a lot more you can do with drush than just download and enable modules, this is just one example.

Release Day: Drush Make and Policy Files

This week, we are wrapping up 2012, and our Coding for Drush series. The last videos in this Drush series will take a look at some really neat things you can do with your new-found Drush skills. The first thing we want to look at is creating policy files for your Drush command. This allows you to essentially provide access control for your commands. You can check who is trying to run the command and stop it from proceeding. After we get that in place, we wrap up with two videos about Drush make.

Release Day: Advanced Drush Hook Wrangling

As we work our way through December, we are also working our way through the Coding for Drush series. This week we have three new videos, which cover a bunch of extras to add to our drush command. We'll be looking at how to add additional help information, and prompt the user for more information. Then we'll take a dive into some more advanced things with specifying version numbers, and even the Drupal bootstrap level required.

Coding for Drush Series

This week we're releasing a new series, Coding for Drush. If you've ever used Drush, and wondered how you can create your own custom Drush commands, then this series is right up your alley. When I sat down to start planning the content for our recent Coding for Views series I found myself in a position where I needed to quickly generate a bunch of random data for a custom module’s database table, so that when querying the table with views there would be something there.

Release Day: Form Api, Theme Functions, and More Drush

It's that time of the week again! This week we are continuing two of our series: Module Development for Drupal 7 and Introduction to Drush.

For the Module Development series, we are wrapping up the discussion of the Render API with a look at integrating with the theme system. Then we move on to four videos about the Form API system and how to do some fun things with it:

Introduction to Drush

Experienced developers, and new site builders alike can remember a time when installing a module meant visiting it's project page on, downloading and unpacking it and dropping it in the correct directory. That process can be quite tedious every time there's an update if your site has dozens of modules. Thank goodness for drush. While drush's utility certainly isn't limited to helping download modules for your site in an efficient manner, it's an absolutely invaluable tool for anyone working with Drupal sites on a regular basis. We're happy to present a new series, Introduction to Drush, with the first video, What is Drush?, released today.

New Features Video Released

Today we released a new video on using the Features module for Drupal 7: Deployment with Features and Drush. This is a wonderful developer tool that helps you roll out consistent features to your sites and speeds up deployment (e.g., moving work from a development server to the live site).