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Drupal Events and Membership Giveaways

We're thankful to the volunteers around the world who support the community by running camps. We've partnered up with several of them as sponsors and to give away free Drupalize.Me memberships. Get yourself to one of these events and you can win a free month of Drupalize.Me! Here is a list of upcoming events where you can win a free membership in the next 2 months.

Release Day: Extending Drupal 8 with Hooks

This week we continue with the recent theme of teaching you how a module can extend, alter, and enhance Drupal without modifying core code by looking at hooks.

In the Community: Migrate, Documentation and Events

So far, 2016 has been a great year for Drupal and Drupalize.Me. We started off as our own company, and we’ve been heads-down on lots of new Drupal 8 tutorials. We have a deep love for Drupal and the community around here—so in addition to working hard at our business, we encourage each other to roll up our sleeves in the wider community as well. Here’s a little rundown of what’s been on our team’s radar recently.

Drupalize.Me Podcast Episode 39

If you are looking for good community event ideas, or just want to understand some of what goes into planning an event, check out this week's Drupalize.Me podcast on The Story of the TCD'OH Drupal Unconference. Addi and Joe Shindelar hop on the line with Barry Madore and Tim Erikson to discuss why they did an unconference, and how they pulled it off. As a hint, it is less work than a DrupalCamp, but still requires a little thought about how to structure the unstructured day.

Drupalize.Me Podcast Episode 33

This week we have podcast episode 33. It's all about Global Sprint Days, coming up next weekend, on January 25-26, 2014. We talk about what sprints are, what's happening next weekend, and the why/how of getting involved. Go give it a listen, and then sign up for (or create) a local event!

Drupalcamp Twin Cities

Live in the Midwest and like Drupal? So do we! Or at least some of our team. And as such we'll be attending the annual Twin Cities DrupalCamp in force this year.

Oscon Can Be Worth the Investment

In a few short weeks I'll be headed on the road once again for two great events: Twin Cities DrupalCamp and OSCON. On the surface these two events couldn't be more different. One is intimate, inexpensive, and full of Drupal. The other is big, an investment, and has hardly any Drupal. Seems like an obvious win for Twin Cities DrupalCamp, right? Well, let's dive a little deeper into what makes OSCON worth the price tag.

Drupal Dev Days and the Race to Code Freeze

During the week June 24th a mass of Drupal folks will converge on Dublin, Ireland for Drupal Dev Days. This year, in addition to the three days of DrupalCamp that is happening (June 28-30), there is also a week of sprints leading up to the camp, and to the Drupal 8 code freeze deadline. This is it. If it's going to be in Drupal 8, it needs to happen before the end of June.

See You at Drupalcamp Austin

We're pleased as punch to be sponsoring DrupalCamp Austin in Austin, Texas from June 21st through 23rd. This year's camp is packed, with one day of all-day workshops, several half-day workshops, three tracks of sessions over two days, and two keynotes.

php[tek] Conference Is Next Week

With the addition of Symfony to Drupal core, many Drupal developers are beginning to explore beyond the confines of our own amazing CMS. But where do you start? Conferences can be a great opportunity to step outside of your day-to-day time crunch and learn about new technologies. php[tek] is one of those great opportunities for module developers in the mid-west United States. This conference, now in its 13th year, has over 50 sessions spread over four days, May 14-17, in Chicago, Illinois.

An American Drupaler in London

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to London to attend DrupalCamp London. There, Joe Shindelar and I taught a one-day Introduction to Drupal workshop. The class was great and the attendees actively participated, as they were very interested in what Drupal has to offer.

Attend Our Introduction to Drupal Training at Drupalcamp London

Want to get started with Drupal? Join us on the first day of DrupalCamp London for an Introduction to Drupal course. Led by the accomplished Drupalize.Me team, this full-day training will cover Drupal history, terminology, simple site building and how to navigate the Drupal community.

Kickstart Your Drupal Education

  • Discover Drupal history and get an overview of what’s next
  • Learn basic Drupal terminology