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Drupal 8: Configuration Management Walk-Through

* This material is now outdated as the CMI system no longer stores to files by default but instead saves to the database in specialized CMI tables. We are working on updated Drupal 8 material and CMI is one we are covering.

One thing in Drupal 7 that people have a love-hate relationship with is the Features module. Features gives you the means to export database-stored site settings in code that you can put into version-control and move from server to server. In Drupal 7, when using Features to make a change to your Drupal site configuration settings, you need to update the feature or make sure the settings are in a feature and (re)create them. When deploying, you revert your features so your site settings match what is in code.

Features Should Be in Your Drupal Toolkit

It's been a really long time since I've worked on a Drupal build that didn't make use of the features module in some way or another. For better or worse it's turned into one of those modules like Views that's simply a part of the expected toolkit for many projects. Yet I still occasionally meet people who haven't heard of it yet.

Help Us Plan for 2013

As 2012 winds down to a close, the Drupalize.Me team has been looking forward to our big plans for 2013. We are still in the thick of working on our site upgrade to Drupal 7, which should come along in early the in the new year. After that, we have a lot of big sky ideas we want to tackle. We'd love to get some feedback from you to help us refine those goals, by taking a quick survey.

Site Improvements with Daisyjo

Another Drupalize.Me release, another pony. Our Daisyjo release touched lots of little bits and pieces of the site. We implemented a number of changes that many of you have been asking for, as well as adding some things that would let you get to know us a little better.

Shiny New Video Series on Drupalize.Me

We're very excited to officially announce some improvements to! We're confident that these new changes will improve usability and create a better experience for our members. So, without further ado, we'd like to provide you with some back story to our new approach to ‘video series’ -- delivering bite-size chunks of knowledge that can be consumed on your lunch break.

New Features Video Released

Today we released a new video on using the Features module for Drupal 7: Deployment with Features and Drush. This is a wonderful developer tool that helps you roll out consistent features to your sites and speeds up deployment (e.g., moving work from a development server to the live site).