Joe Fender

Joe has always trusted his passion for his hobbies to lead him through life. This was obvious at the age of 10 when he built his first website showcasing his love for The Simpsons. In the years following, Joe taught himself languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Javascript.

Hand in hand with his love for the web, Joe has always had a passion for competitive gaming. Through this hobby, he captained the strongest UK gaming squad and was able travel the world to compete in tournaments! At the age of 20 Joe worked as the United Kingdom Events Manager for Electronics Sports League in Cologne, Germany.

After obtaining his degree in Computer Science with Games Technology in his hometown, London, Joe’s love for exciting and innovative technologies led him to Japan where he instantly fell in love with the culture, food, and work ethic. Over the 4 years that Joe lived in Japan he founded and led a team of 10 young creatives at Studio Umi, a startup based in Kyoto, to become the leading Drupal shop in Japan. His journey with Studio Umi is where Joe discovered Drupal, and he has since used it religiously for all projects that he works on.

In his spare time Joe loves to cycle, play drums, collect shoes, and get his geek on through maintaining Drupal modules such as Tournament and BracketCloud.