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Last updated March 3, 2020

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We've looked at how easy it is to set Sass and Compass up from the command line, but for folks who prefer a nice GUI application, there are a few options available. Scout is a free Sass/Compass application that works cross-platform. In this lesson, we'll get Scout set up and see how it works to watch our projects.

Notes on Installing Scout:

  • On OSX, If you double-click the .dmg and you get an error message saying you can't open this because it's from an unrecognized developer, control-click on the .dmg and select "Open" from the menu, then select "Open" from the dialogue box to open the .dmg installer.
  • After installing Scout, OSX may again prevent you from opening it (depending on your security preferences) when it auto-opens it after installation. Navigate to where you installed it (i.e. "Applications"), control-click on the Scout icon, select open from the menu, and select "Open" from the dialogue box once again.
  • If you get an error about Java, "No Java runtime present, requesting install," see the Scout GitHub issue queue for a solution.

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