Backend and Infrastructure

Setting up Git

Check your version

This tutorial covers a topic in which may or may not be the version you're using. We're keeping this tutorial online as a courtesy to users of , but we consider it archived.

Alternate resources

Sprout Video

The video will walk you through getting your code setup with Acquia Cloud. This lesson covers:

  • Adding your SSH public key to the Cloud dashboard.
  • Performing a Git checkout with TortoiseGit to clone your repository.
  • Adding new files to your repository.
  • Pushing new (and changed) files to Acquia Cloud.

If you don't use Windows and TortoiseGit, or if you want a better overview of Git itself, we have an entire series on Git, which will show you how to install Git and use it from the command line, including doing a git clone command. Once you get things set up with Git, you can refer back to this video to see where you get the Acquia-specific Git information you need.

This is Step-1 of the Free Tier on-boarding process for Acquia Cloud.

After setting up Git, you may proceed in two directions: You can either Install Drupal Distro or if you already have an existing site, you can go ahead and import your site.