5.4. Editing with the In-Place Editor for Drupal 8, Drupal 9

Last updated January 7, 2022


Use the in-place editor to add information to the About page without opening the full editor page.

Site prerequisites

The About page you want to edit must exist. See Section 5.2, “Creating a Content Item”.


Editing with the In-Place Editor

Navigate to the About page to edit content with the in-place editor. If the page has not yet been added to a navigation menu, you can find and open it by following these steps:

  1. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Content (admin/content).
  2. If the content item you want to edit was updated or created recently, it should appear near the top of the content list on that page. If not, you can use Type, Title, or other filters to locate the content item.
  3. Find the About page and click it.

Once the content you want to edit is being viewed in your browser, follow these steps to use the quick editor:

  1. Find the section of the page that displays the content you want to edit, and turn on quick editing mode using the Quick edit contextual link (see Section 4.1, “Concept: Administrative Overview” for instructions on how to access contextual links). You will see each editable field on this content item outlined in blue; also, a hovering dialog box will appear.

    Quick edit mode

  2. Click the Body text area to begin editing. The Body field supports a rich text editor. The editing toolbar will be displayed in a hovering dialog box.
  3. Add some information about City Market. A Save button will appear in the hovering dialog box, and the field outline will change color.

    Quick edit mode after editing

  4. If you are satisfied with your edits, click Save in the hovering dialog box. If not, click "x" to discard your edits, and confirm. Either way, quick editing mode will be turned off.

Expand your understanding

Try using the full editor on the same content (see Section 5.3, “Editing a Content Item”) and note that there is much more information that can be edited that is not available in the quick editor.