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Additional Sass Libraries

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    [Chapter 19] [with Addison Berry]
  • 0:04
    So we have our base tool Sass, and we've been working with Compass,
  • 0:10
    which is a library that's added mixins and functions for us to use.
  • 0:14
    And it's almost always used with Sass.
  • 0:16
    Sass and Compass kind of just go together,
  • 0:19
    but there are other libraries that are available, so we're going to take a quick
  • 0:23
    tour through some of those other libraries and see what other tools
  • 0:27
    are available for you.
  • 0:28
    We're going to start off by looking at a series of sort of grid and layout
  • 0:32
    libraries that are available.
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Additional Sass Libraries


Sass is our base tool, and Compass is almost always used with Sass. Compass provides some great tools for us, but there are a few more resources out there that are worth knowing about and taking a look at. In this lesson we'll take a quick tour of some grid frameworks designed to work with Sass, as well as another popular mixin library.