Building a dynamic team

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Building a Dynamic Team


In this Do it with Drupal presentation, Diana Dupuis looks at building a great team. A Drupal website is as effective, performant, and reliable as the team who builds it. Whether you need one developer or twenty, finding the right people is essential to a site's success. What are the traits and skills to look for when hiring a Drupal developer? What can we learn from Drupal shops with years of experience building successful, and sometimes unsuccessful, Drupal development teams?

Once you find the right people, successful projects require a creative, ongoing blending of talent into a focused, productive team who, like a flock of birds, can adapt to course changes with grace. How can you encourage technical team leads to work with project managers, business owners, and stakeholders in ways that encourage and support the team's dynamic problem-solving process? How do you turn expertise into successful Drupal products? We'll consider these questions and answer a few of yours.

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