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Case Study:


This summer, the US Department of Energy re-launched on Drupal. The technical requirements of the project were driven by an internal need to consolidate the publishing and editorial resources of dozens of program offices. This session will discuss the challenges of developing a platform that will serve the current and future needs of the department, and the tools and techniques we developed along the way. We will also be discussing the projects that will be contributed back to the Drupal community on behalf of the work done for this project.

The technical discussion will include:

  • New techniques for block creation.
  • New techniques for page creation with custom block layouts.
  • State machine-based publishing workflows.
  • Custom data visualization framework.
  • API-centric module development.

Presentation slides

One of our members, artsmc, provided the following feedback of this video:
I'm actually on one of the migration teams under, this project was really well done. esp when you consider most of the people who are creating sub-sites are not developers or anywhere close! Now its super restrictive on what developers can do in the system but outside of developing the actual site which is more of a peace of software there was no intent for developers to create sub-sites. I would recommend this case study for anyone who creates larger sites that are run by non-technical people.

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