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Coding for Rules Overview

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Coding for Rules Overview


This series covers the basics and some more of how to write your own plugins to extend the Rules module. It includes:

  • A conceptual overview of the Rules modules
  • Writing action plugins
  • Managing rules data as parameters for Rules plugins
  • Writing conditions
  • Writing and invoking Rules events

This intro chapter contains a quick presentation of the Rules module from a conceptual perspective. It includes:

  • Actions, conditions, events
  • Data types: the importance of entities, relationships and tokens
  • Lists and loops
  • Components and parameters
  • Some words about the Rules user interface

If you would like to see more about configuring Rules before continuing this series on writing code to integrate with the Rules module, you can watch the Learning the Rules Framework series. Note that Johan is using the Module filter module to provide the tabs and filter box on his module administration page.

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