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Display of Multiple/Repeating Dates

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  • 0:03
    [Chapter 14 with Karen Stevenson]
  • 0:05
    In this chapter Karen is going to show you how to handle
  • 0:07
    repeating events.
  • 0:09
    After enabling the required modules
  • 0:11
    and creating a new content type
  • 0:14
    she's going to show you how to structure a view
  • 0:16
    that accurately represents your data.
  • 0:18
    [Karen Stevenson] The next thing we want to talk about is
  • 0:20
    what happens when you try to put repeating
  • 0:23
    and multiple dates into a calendar.
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Display of Multiple/Repeating Dates


In this lesson we will cover what is necessary to use repeating/multiple dates on a single event. After getting the proper modules installed and a content type to handle repeating dates, we show you how the calendar module handles this out of the box. We go even further and explain how everything is setup to give you a better understanding of all the settings necessary to make this happen.