Introduction to Advanced Theming for Drupal


Learn to write code in template.php or modules to create theme functions, add and change template variables, override other theme functions, theme and alter forms and create theme settings.

Picking up where the Drupal Theming Basics video lets off, the Lullabot Learning Series continues with an in-depth look at the advanced features of Drupal’s theming system. In this 2-hour video Nate Haug, Jeff Robbins, and James Walker explain how to completely control the HTML markup Drupal generates. You’ll learn how to modify and add variables sent to Drupal’s template files and how to use the Theme Developer Tool to simplify the task of working with and navigating Drupal’s complex theme system.

The video includes a crash course through PHP, then dives into advanced theming concepts with practical examples such as: how to theme forms, how to cleanly expose information to the theme system, and how to empower your site administrators by making certain parts of the theme available to them for customization. Lastly, the team covers security best practices on shows how to best sanitize user submitted data and prevent security exploits.

This video completely implements our freely available 960 Robots theme, and gives you the tools you need to make your Drupal site no longer look like a Drupal site.

Examples in this video use Drupal 6.

The 960 Robots Drupal theme as well as a complete download of the finished Drupal site used in this video are available for reference.

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