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Introduction to the Dates series

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    [ - Learn Drupal]
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    [Introduction to Date Series - Dates with Drupal 7 - Chapter 1 - with Kyle Hofmeyer]
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    In this series, Karen, Michelle, and myself are going to go over
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    everything with Drupal 7 and dates.
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    We're going to cover dates that are part of Drupal 7, such as your
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    created date, your post date.
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    We're also going to go over the date module itself.
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    We're going to show you how to install it, how to configure it,
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    how to configure the Drupal system to work with it
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    doing things such as setting up date formats, your time zone.
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    We're going to go over core dates and what that means
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    and what they can do.
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    We're going to cover the date field, adding that on to your content type.
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    We're going to show you how to customize that.
  • 0:45
    We're going to show you how to use that with repeating dates and multiple dates.
  • 0:49
    We're also going to use views with dates and do some cool things with exposed filters.
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    We're going to show you how to create a summary box of stuff posted
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    to your website by year and show you how many posts are within that year.
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    We're also going to show you how to group things by date.
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    We're just going to show you a whole ton of things about dates;
  • 1:06
    hence, this is the date series.
  • 1:09
    Keep an eye open; we're also going to talk about a few "gotchas" that can come along
  • 1:11
    with configuring your system, just to get yourself completely prepped.
  • 1:15
    This series is really great for someone who maybe wants to build a calendar
  • 1:19
    or build a Drupal 7 site doing things with events, but basically
  • 1:24
    it's just a great starter kit to do anything you want to be able to do with dates inside Drupal.
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Introduction to the Dates Series


When you learn how Drupal handles dates, you can create event functionality, listing pages with a unique result set, and calendars. The Dates Series begins with basic configurations and the contributed modules required to integrate with other functionality. In addition to creating a new content type for our Date field via the wizard, we also explore all possible configuration choices by diving deeper into the Date field. Once we have content on our site, we move into displaying the content in unique ways in Views by using basic filters, exposed filters and contextual filters. Other demonstrations in this series include working with multiple date fields, repeating dates and integrating with the Context module.

If you would like to work along with the video, the entire demo site can be downloaded and set up (it is found on the introduction video's Downloads tab). The zip file includes the Drupal files, the database, and a README.txt file to explain setting it up. The site was created using the Demonstration module so that you can switch back and forth among the finished states of the various chapters.

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