Introduction to Theming Basics for Drupal

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Introduction to Theming Basics for Drupal


Learn to translate a design into a Drupal theme with .info and tpl.php template files, how to add CSS and JavaScript, override templates, create regions, and use the Theme Developer tool.

The Lullabot Learning Series continues with a hands-on look at Drupal's theming system. In this 2 hour and 44 minute long in-depth video guide, Nate Haug, Jeff Robbins, and James Walker explain the steps for translating a web design into a Drupal theme. The video explains Drupal's design vernacular, concepts, and special needs. The team shows how to associate the proper CSS & Javascript files, add all of the necessary regions, and control the HTML output through page and node-specific templates. You'll learn about the best tools and strategies for controlling the look and feel of your Drupal website.

This video series covers the basics of Drupal theming. Drupal's more complex theming topics are covered in the Advanced Theming video which pairs with this video and finishes the complete implementation of the 960 Robots theme used in both videos. Examples in this video are based on Drupal 6 and its variants. The example 960 Robots Drupal theme as well as a complete download of the finished Drupal site used in this video are available for reference. Also available are the original HTML, CSS and JavaScript template files from the designer.

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