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Markup in Zen: Recap

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    In this series of tutorials on markup in Zen, we installed Zen, we learned how to create a Zen sub-theme using Drush
  • 0:12
    and we identified HTML5 markup in several template files, contrasting that with the markup in Bartik, a Drupal core theme.
  • 0:20
    Next we'll take a look at semantic markup with the Fences Module, which integrates very nicely with Zen and Views and other modules.
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Recap: Markup in Zen


This is a review what I covered in the previous tutorials in this series about Zen, including how to use Zen as a base or parent theme, why you might use a base theme in theme development, how HTML5 markup is included in Zen's template files, and how to install Zen and create a subtheme for your own custom development.

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