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Node.js Actions in Action!

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  • 0:04
    In this lesson, we're going to cover
  • 0:06
    enabling the Node.js Actions module.
  • 0:08
    We're going to then explore the various notification types available to us.
  • 0:12
    And then we'll set up some notifications
  • 0:14
    for users logging in and out of our site.
  • 0:16
    First of all, head to your Drupal site
  • 0:19
    and click on the Modules link in the admin menu.
  • 0:21
    Go ahead and minimize the core modules.
  • 0:24
    If you scroll down to the Node.js section,
  • 0:26
    Node.js Actions is the first in the list.

Node.js Actions in Action!


The Node.js Actions module makes use of the Drupal Core module, Trigger, and adds a new Action type that allows for real time notifications to be sent for various Trigger events. Check out this lesson to see it all in action!

In this lesson, I will show you how to:

  • Enable the Node.js Actions module
  • Explore the various notification types
  • Enable notifications for users logging in and out of the site

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