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Resolving Conflicts in Git

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  • 0:04
    In the previous lesson,
  • 0:07
    we saw that it's possible to create branches with git.
  • 0:09
    And after you've created a branch,
  • 0:11
    you can use tools like git merge and git rebase
  • 0:15
    in order to merge a branch
  • 0:17
    back into another branch.
  • 0:19
    Most of the time it works great,
  • 0:22
    but sometimes git needs some human interaction
  • 0:25
    in order to resolve conflicts.
  • 0:27
    For example, if you've got two branches
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Resolving Conflicts in Git


In the real world when you're working on a project with a team of people your code never stands still. It's not at all uncommon to find yourself in a scenario where `git merge` or `git rebase` simply can't successfully meld two branches without human interaction. For example when both branches contain a commit that modifies the same line of code in a file in different ways. This lesson will take a look at how you can go about resolving these merge conflicts and some of the tools available to help make this process easier by first creating an intentional conflict between two branches and then showing how to resolve it.

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