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    Search on
  • 0:07
    With Addison Berry
  • 0:12
    So let's try to find stuff on
  • 0:15
    Now when you're on the home page, in the header
  • 0:18
    there's a huge search box.
  • 0:20
    So that is obviously a good place for us to start.
  • 0:24
    We can refine the search according to a general category of the kind
  • 0:27
    of results we would like.
  • 0:29
    But for this, I'm just going to put in my search term and Search all.
  • 0:34
    And you'll see we get a whole bunch of results for "booking system"
  • 0:39
  • 0:40
    And if you look at the results, it actually identifies
  • 0:43
    what kind of category it is.
  • 0:44
    So this is a group.
  • 0:46
    But underneath here, these are projects.
  • 0:49
    And you'll find that it does that regardless
  • 0:51
    of how we slice and dice.
  • 0:55
    And here's how I can filter over here.
  • 0:57
    If I want to look at just documentation,
  • 0:59
    that tells me that these are all book pages.
  • 1:02
    And it tells me the number of comments if there are comments.
  • 1:05
    Forums and issues-- again, those are two different kinds of things.
  • 1:08
    Issue is in the issue queue.
  • 1:10
    And then forum topic is in our general chat forums.
  • 1:14
    But they're combined here.
  • 1:15
    But you can still see the difference in the results.
  • 1:18
    The modules filter is really great because you can actually slice
  • 1:24
    and dice a bit more.
  • 1:25
    So I only want things for 7.x, say, and then it
  • 1:28
    will automatically reload the search results
  • 1:31
    page with that filter enabled.
  • 1:33
    There's also status.
  • 1:35
    So full projects are the ones that are
  • 1:37
    listed on in projects.
  • 1:39
    Sandbox projects are a code that people are working on,
  • 1:42
    but they don't feel like it's a full release that
  • 1:45
    is necessarily usable by everybody.
  • 1:48
    So if you want to get experimental stuff, you can look in Sandboxes.
  • 1:52
    And then, of course, you can sort.
  • 1:54
    Most installed is a common sort that people use.
  • 1:59
    You'll get the same sort of filtering
  • 2:01
    available to you for themes when you filter by themes.
  • 2:05
    So filtering by themes and modules lets
  • 2:07
    you break things down a little bit.
  • 2:10
    Now you'll notice I don't have all my filters back.
  • 2:12
    So if we come back a page here, now I have the rest of my stuff.
  • 2:17
    Now if I click on Groups, you'll see there's a lot of groups listed.
  • 2:21
    But not all of them apply to booking systems really, right?
  • 2:24
    So a Help system has really nothing to do-- it's using the word
  • 2:27
    "system" but not the word "booking"
  • 2:29
    So if I want to be really specific in my search,
  • 2:32
    I can just add quotes around my search term, redo the search,
  • 2:37
    and now you can see that my search results are much more limited.
  • 2:41
    So that's, again, just like any other search
  • 2:44
    that you use on Google, say, or something like that.
  • 2:47
    You can limit or open it up, depending
  • 2:49
    on how you word your search term.
  • 2:53
    Now we also have some Advanced Options down here outside
  • 2:57
    of the regular filters.
  • 2:58
    You see this Advanced Issues.
  • 3:00
    So we have forms and issues in the normal search
  • 3:02
    filters, which just shows me things that are in the issue queue.
  • 3:07
    The Advanced Issues link here actually takes me to the issue
  • 3:11
    queue search form and gives you a lot more flexibility
  • 3:16
    in how you search for issues.
  • 3:18
    So instead of just being a text thing that comes through
  • 3:21
    on this main search page and list things,
  • 3:24
    you can actually do things like limit
  • 3:26
    by version or component in Drupal, and those kinds of things.
  • 3:31
    So advanced issues-- if you're really looking for stuff
  • 3:34
    in the issue queue, that really is the place
  • 3:36
    you want to be rather than this just regular text search with filtering.
  • 3:41
    So I can go back to using some other search mechanisms here.
  • 3:45
    But I'll go back to my main search page.
  • 3:47
    We have IRC Nicks and Users Search as well.
  • 3:50
    So I'm going to do this IRC Nicks.
  • 3:52
    Now, booking system is not a good IRC Nick, probably.
  • 3:55
    But add1sun, say, as somebody I've seen at IRC, I've spoken to,
  • 3:59
    and I want to check out.
  • 4:00
    So I can search for their IRC Nick and actually
  • 4:03
    go to their profile page and get in touch with them if I want to.
  • 4:08
    If I was logged in, I could probably use their contact form for myself.
  • 4:13
    But it's a way for you to actually find people who you have been
  • 4:17
    working with or want to get in touch with, or a module maintainer,
  • 4:21
    or something like that.
  • 4:22
    You can do a quick search on their username or their IRC nickname,
  • 4:29
    if they put that information in their account.
  • 4:32
    And one last thing I want to point out
  • 4:33
    is the main search box-- those refinement things-- disappear.
  • 4:38
    But this little link would open those back
  • 4:40
    up again if I wanted to start a whole new search on
  • 4:45
    under the various categories.
  • 4:47
    I hope that helps orient you a little bit better
  • 4:50
    and makes finding the information you need
  • 4:52
    on a little bit easier.

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In this lesson we take a look at the basics of searching on using the main search form. We talk about the various facets we can use to filter search results, how module and theme search results are a little different, and how to find a user. search can help you narrow in on what you are looking for if you know what the various search are used for. You'll see us take a glimpse at the issue queue in this video. For more detailed information about using the queues, see our Getting Started in the Issue Queue video.

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