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Spotlight: Workbench

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  • 0:04
    with Addison Berry
  • 0:09
    Of course we know the main feature that we need to have
  • 0:12
    on our site is an editorial process.
  • 0:15
    We need to have a few different aspects for this.
  • 0:18
    We want to have a central place for people
  • 0:20
    to find the content that they need to work with.
  • 0:23
    We need to have some sort of access control,
  • 0:26
    because we only want people who are responsible for a certain section
  • 0:29
    to have the information for that section.
  • 0:32
    And then we need to integrate that with an editorial workflow that

Spotlight: Workbench


We need to create an editorial process for our site, which can seem complex at first. We need to provide some form of access control, so that editors who are responsible for the “culture” section on the site can only see draft articles in that particular section. On top of that, we need an editorial workflow that integrates with that access control feature so the editors can control which content is in which state at any given time. Lucky for us, Workbench provides exactly what we need. In this lesson we'll get an overview of what comes in the Workbench project and get a look at the main My Workbench page.