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What's New In Drupal 8: Site Building Best Practices

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  • 0:02
    with Addison Berry
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    Welcome to What's New in Drupal 8,
  • 0:06
    Site Building Best Practices.
  • 0:09
    In this presentation, I'm going to first define what best practices
  • 0:13
    are and what does it mean to have site building
  • 0:15
    best practices in Drupal 8.
  • 0:18
    We'll also look at the differences between core and contributed
  • 0:21
    and how that affects modules and site building.
  • 0:24
    And we'll do a review of the major changes
  • 0:27
    by category, so that you have some sense of what it is that you'll
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What's New in Drupal 8: Site Building Best Practices


This presentation walks through quite a long list of major contributed modules and best practices that have been incorporated into Drupal 8 core. There are a lot of new features that you'll get out of the box, from Views to Services. In particular we'll cover:

  • Exactly what best practices mean
  • How core and contributed modules help the community define best practices
  • List the major categories of features that have been incorporated

After watching this presentation you should have a better understanding of what best practices are, and a list of the major contributed modules from Drupal 7 that have been added, in one form or another, into Drupal 8.

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