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Working with People - Roles and Permissions

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  • 0:07
    In this chapter, I'm going to be covering permissions and roles and users.
  • 0:11
    One of the most powerful parts I find about Drupal
  • 0:14
    is its fine-grained ability to allow you to give access in a wide variety of ways.
  • 0:20
    It's so customizable. I'm going to cover roles.
  • 0:23
    I'm going to cover different permissions.
  • 0:26
    I'm going to discuss how you've got to keep an eye on your permissions
  • 0:29
    as you add contributable modules.
  • 0:31
    I'm just going to really show you how powerful Drupal is when it comes to
  • 0:34
    managing your users, the permissions that you give them, and the roles that you assign them.
  • 0:38
    All right! Up to this point in our site-building series,

Working with People - Roles and Permissions


In this chapter we talk about the powerful and flexible user system in Drupal. We'll create new users and roles, and walk through how the permissions work with them.

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