Sorry About That (a.k.a. Whoopsie Daisy)

Some of you may have noticed that, for several hours on Friday evening, the site was unavailable. We're very sorry! We've been working hard lately, building some nifty new features. To let you in on a little secret, we've been working on a fancy new subscription system that will allow subscribers to choose 6 month or 1 year subscriptions instead of just monthly. W00t! Many of you have requested this. We were working on this new feature when we made an error (insert sad trombone sound) that required us to temporarily take the site down. We worked as quickly as possible to correct the problem and were able to get the site back online several hours later.

Again, to those of you who were trying to use the site Friday evening, we're very sorry! We work very hard to make sure is consistently awesome and available for you wherever and whenever you want it. The silver lining to this snafu is that we now have a better system in place so that an error like this won't happen again, and we've learned some valuable things that we can hopefully pass on to you. Thanks for your understanding!

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Instead of a fancy subscription system, I would much rather see the effort put into:
a) getting the videos to play and pause correctly.
(e.g., video often hangs when skipping to a subchapter. and when paused for more the just a few minutes, the video starts all over again)
b) Create more content. Suggestions. a video on say... Rules (since that is a very popular module and very poorly documented.

Hi TWagner,

We have definitely been working on both of your points. The playback issues are sporadic and hard for us to track, so you can help us troublehsoot if you are experiencing problems but following the information in our FAQ about this.

As for content, we hard at work recording and editing more videos. It all just takes time to get produced and up on the site, but we do have a lot of things in the pipeline. I'll definitely add your suggestion for a Rules video to our list. Great recommendation!

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