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Drupalize.Me is a team of Drupal experts with real development expertise and 35 collective years of experience. Meet our team

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  • "Drupalize.Me has trained thousands of Drupalistas. Their video lessons help to address our constant need for more Drupal talent. Drupal needs training like this to support its growth."

    Dries Buytaert // Drupal Founder and Project Lead
  • "I came across Drupalize.Me videos online, and I thought I’d check it out for a month. So I paid for a month’s usage and checked out a couple videos. And they’ve been so great that I’ve been able to come up with my entire website in the last three months, and I have actual customers using it today."

    Kavita Snyder
  • "They’re easy to understand. They’re thorough. They’re funny. They’re always entertaining, and it makes it easy to learn parts of Drupal and how you can integrate it into your workflow and learn more and have a good time doing it."

    Roger Carr
  • "The mission of the Drupal Association is to foster and support the Drupal software project, the community, and its growth. Drupal education, like that provided by Drupalize.Me,
    is important to this mission."

    Holly Ross // Drupal Association Executive Director

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