Announcing New Payment Options!

One request we have consistently gotten from current subscribers and people on the fence alike is the ability to signup for 6 months or a full year at a time. Well we think that's just ridiculous. Come on! Only kidding, that's actually a very reasonable request that we've been hard at work on it for a little while now. It was a tricky thing to figure out since we wanted to let current subscribers also switch OFF of their monthly account option to another plan if they wished to. We didn't want our awesome Drupalized people having to cancel just to get the billing frequency they prefer! We're happy to announce that this work is now completed and launched. You may have noticed it already. Below is a brief description of how this works.

For brand new subscribers

Now, when subscribing to, you will see 3 options for your billing frequency (see screenshot below). You may also notice that we've provided some discounts for those who wish to subscribe for 6 months or a full year at once (BONUS!).

For current subscribers

If you're already a subscriber, you'll now see some much nicer account options in the sidebar of your dashboard (see screenshot to the right) with links to Update Billing Info, Update Account Info, View Billing History, and Change Your Billing Frequency.

Simply click on the Change Your Billing Frequency link if you wish to switch to a different plan (e.g. change from a Monthly Plan to a 6 Month Plan). Once you click Change Your Billing Frequency you'll see a nice listing of the 3 options (see screenshot below), indicating which plan you've currently selected. Simply click the Select button for the plan you want to switch to and you're all done. It's that simple!

One more thing

All plans on are recurring plans, meaning they will automatically re-bill at their selected billing frequency. If you select a 6 Month or a 1 Year plan, however, you will receive a courtesy email notification 1 month prior to your account re-billing. This will provide you the ability to stop your account at the end of your term before it re-bills. We hope you'll want to stay and continue to learn from all the great new content we're continuing to release!


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