Introduction to Drush

Experienced developers, and new site builders alike can remember a time when installing a module meant visiting it's project page on, downloading and unpacking it and dropping it in the correct directory. That process can be quite tedious every time there's an update if your site has dozens of modules. Thank goodness for drush. While drush's utility certainly isn't limited to helping download modules for your site in an efficient manner, it's an absolutely invaluable tool for anyone working with Drupal sites on a regular basis. We're happy to present a new series, Introduction to Drush, with the first video, What is Drush?, released today.

The Introduction to Drush series will cover:

  • what it is and why drush is such an important tool
  • how to get drush installed on your system(s)
  • how to use drush for common site administration tasks
  • how drush can interact with your database

Having the power to interact with your drush site from the command line opens up a whole new world of potential for scripting and automation. In the coming months, we have two more series about drush planned. Following this initial, introductory series we'll be covering how drush can make deployment easier, using drush make, and writing your own custom commands. If there's something particular you find drush useful for, or would like to see covered in an upcoming video, let us know.


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