New Features Video Released

Today we released a new video on using the Features module for Drupal 7: Deployment with Features and Drush. This is a wonderful developer tool that helps you roll out consistent features to your sites and speeds up deployment (e.g., moving work from a development server to the live site). James Sansbury and Joe Shindelar explain how Features works and how to get it set up, all the way through various uses: deployment, developer shortcuts, and how to get your own custom modules to hook in to this neat way of doing things. In the process of working with Features, you'll also learn about using the solid developer tools of Drush (Drupal Shell) and Git (a distributed version control system).

James has also written up a great Features Module article on that gives a very nice overview of what the module is and why it came to be. These resources should really improve your developing experience and provide you with a solid background with what has become a standard development toolset in Drupal.

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