Video Series on Image Styles

When I’m learning any software, the first thing I want to do is play with all the features and make my creation pretty, using all the bells and whistles. I remember the first time I played with PowerPoint…I had swirling text and zig-zagging images everywhere.

With that same energy, I assume that new Drupal sitebuilders want to know how to put images in their content and manipulate them to meet their needs. Not only is it fun to display your images with rounded corners and a sepia filter, using Drupal’s Image Styles has a very practical purpose as well. A content administrator can upload an image of any size and Drupal will apply a series of actions on that image so that they all look consistent. This feature automates laborious tasks like cropping and sizing to create beautiful consistency.

Using Image Styles in Node Display is the first in a series of short videos that covers Drupal’s Image Styles. This video will show you how to add an image field to your content type and then display it using classic preset sizes. In the coming weeks, I will publish more videos discussing:

  • How to create your own Image Style.
  • How to utilize the features in the contrib module ImageCache Actions.
  • How use Image Styles with Views.
  • How to export your Image Style into a custom module (and why that is a good idea).

Images are fun and I'm excited to tell you about them!


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