Tasty Treats: More Series and More Free Videos

Recently we announced that we'd be rolling out series of shorter videos to make it easier to find and view the information you want. Now that we have the structure in place for shorter videos, we have gone a step further and broken our existing long videos into series as well. Aside from making it easier to navigate the videos and providing a smoother playback experience, this also gave us the opportunity to offer some of the chapters for FREE! For each of the new series that we've added, the first chapter, and often the second chapter, is free. So now you can get a taste of what's in the series before consuming the rest of the bite-sized chunks of information (Is anyone else getting hungry?).

Whet your appetite (ok, we'll stop now) by checking out these free chapters:

And look for the green "Free Video" tag in the upper-right corner of the video screenshots to find more!

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