New Free Community Videos

We've added a new category to the site, called Community, and we've already added two new free videos to it, Applying a patch to a module and Creating a patch for a module. We got the idea for the new category from a question asked by Paul Johnson on Twitter, and set to work on getting some videos up about patching. These are two quick videos to help people sort out how to create and submit a patch to, as well as finding existing patches, applying them and then reporting your findings back the community.

Lullabot and Drupalize.Me have always been very involved in the Drupal community and we spend a lot of our time trying to make Drupal better as a whole, so this is a great place for us to share our knowledge about working within the community and being part of the bigger picture. We're very excited to grow this part of our library, and we'll always make sure videos in the Community category are free.

We love getting ideas from you (thanks Paul!), so please feel free to tweet to us @drupalizeme or drop a note on our Facebook page whenever you get inspired!

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WOW, That was fast team! \o/

One of my themers has already submitted a patch to DDO having watched your video.

I can only say you've done a fabulous job with It's the got to place for all my developers and themers wanting to grow their knowledge.

Keep up the brilliant work,

Paul Johnson

Livelink New Media (UK)

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