Site Improvements with Daisyjo

Another Drupalize.Me release, another pony. Our Daisyjo release touched lots of little bits and pieces of the site. We implemented a number of changes that many of you have been asking for, as well as adding some things that would let you get to know us a little better.

We often announce a new series of videos, and instead of making you wait for all of them to be ready to go, we try to release them as we have them ready. This can be a frustration though, since it appears as though a series is incomplete when it only has a few videos posted. To clarify what the series will cover and what is coming in the pipeline, we'll now be posting the titles for the forthcoming videos with a little "Coming Soon" flag on them so you can have a sense of how much of the series is out and how much is still coming along.

One big request that we've had is to provide some way to make it easier to watch successive videos in a series. So we've gone ahead and added "next" and "previous" arrows beside the video player. And even nicer, when you finish watching a video, you will have a link directly in the player to immediately go to the next video in the series, or back up to the previous one if you'd like. (We also know that the intro and outro bumpers on every video in a series can be a bit tedious, so for our videos currently in production and in the future, we are cutting back on that.)

In another change around the video player, we added a new Share button underneath the video player so that you can let other folks know what you're watching and which videos you think are worth checking out. One great feature in the Share button is that we have also included an embed code for all of our free videos. So, if you find a great free video on Drupalize.Me, you can embed the video itself anywhere else on the web with a simple copy/paste.

Moving away from the videos themselves, we've made a number of improvements to the group management screens. If you are a group owner you will now have a better workflow when adding new accounts to your group, and we've given you more control over your accounts. You can now remove someone from your group and you can change the usernames on the accounts if you need to. It's your group and we want you to be able to manage it the way you want.

The last big change that you'll notice on the site is that we've added some names and faces so you can see who we are. :-) We have added a list of the people on the Drupalize.Me team on our About page, and now on blog posts you can see which team member is talking to you. We're planning to put up more information about all of our teachers as well, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.

Once again, I want to put out a big thank you to everyone who provides feedback. We really do listen and we're working hard to make Drupalize.Me what you need it to be.

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