Site Improvements with Our Latest Sprint: Sparkleworks

In our latest sprint -- Sparkleworks -- we sprinkled some magic pony dust (and also wrote a little code) to make more improvements to the Drupalize.Me site. The two main improvements we made for this release have been popular member requests; we've added a listing of your entire video history, and we've added newest and most popular video lists. Today we also have a new video for our Wednesday release day, Tips for writing secure code.

Full video history

The "My Recently Watched Videos" list on your Dashboard has been a great tool to quickly review where you've been, but that list is limited to the last three videos you watched. We've now added a little "more" link under your short Dashboard list, which links to your complete viewing history. You'll also notice that we're also including the series name on the video lists now, in italics, below the video title.

You can also access your video history using the "Recent videos" tab from your account page. All of your videos are listed here, along with the Resume and Watch Again buttons that you've come to love on the Dashboard video listing.

Newest and Most popular videos

Another common request has been to have a simple listing of all of the newest videos, and the ones that are currently most popular. Our main Browse page lists the videos with the most recent at the top, but if we release new videos that belong to a series, they get tucked underneath their series and so don't float up to the top of the page like our stand-alone videos. We now have two new menu items under Browse that let you jump to these new pages. And we have also added the top three for each category to your Dashboard. If you scroll down, below your Video Queue, you'll find two new blocks with the latest and greatest.

We hope you find these new features useful. We regularly schedule sprints like this to make improvements to the site, oftentimes based on user feedback.


Ability to indicate "Favorite" would be useful to find videos that are of interest to watch again later.

Hi Planetrich,

We use the My Videos queue for tracking videos we want to see, so do you mean something in addition to, different from the queue?

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