Drupalize.Me Podcast 2 with Jen Lampton

We're happy to present episode 2 of the Drupalize.Me podcast. In this podcast, Addi interviews Jen Lampton, who is a long-time Drupal contributor. We get a little background on Jen, including some info about techy people and large animals, and then we dive into her current Drupal focus, which is to get the Twig template system into Drupal 8 core. We also talk about how to get involved with Drupal core, and some general Drupal advice. You'll be hearing more from Jen soon on Drupalize.Me since she is wrapping up a new series on Panels for us, which is going to start up next Wednesday, September 26. You'll start at the beginning and walk through the wonderful, crazy world of Panels. You can subscribe to the Drupalize.Me podcast, either using the RSS feed or the iTunes feed.

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