Introducing the New Drupalize.Me Podcast!

If you didn't listen to the Last Lullabot Podcast last week, you may not be aware that Lullabot is shaking things up a bit on the podcast front. We're renaming the Lullabot podcast to the Drupalize.Me podcast. The Lullabot podcast has been running since January 2006, and we're reviving that legacy with a new bi-weekly podcast, talking about everything Drupal. Today is our first Drupalize.Me podcast, where we have a good chat about DrupalCon Munich with the Lullabot team: Drupalize.Me Podcast: Episode 1. Go check it out!

With the new podcast we really want to deliver regular Drupal news and interviews. We will be publishing a new podcast every other Friday, starting today. After today's DrupalCon recap, we are looking at doing a number of interviews with people working on cool stuff in the Drupal community, and tackling common Drupal questions with our team and special guests. If you already subscribe to the Lullabot Drupal podcast feed, or the All Lullabot Podcasts feed, you are already set up to receive the new Drupalize.Me podcast. In addition to revamping the main podcast, Lullabot is introducing two new monthly podcasts as well. The new "Content Goes Here" podcast will be hosted by Jeff Eaton and will focus on content strategy. Our other new podcast, "Creative Process," will be hosted by Jared Ponchot, and dive into the many aspects of the creative process, ranging from music to web development. Both of these podcasts will be coming out once a month, on the Fridays when the Drupalize.Me podcast is taking a break, so there will be new podcasts on every single Friday. If you want to subscribe to these new topical podcasts, then you will need to either subscribe to the new individual feeds (which will have links posted soon), or you can subscribe to the All Lullabot Podcasts feed, and you'll get all three.

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